It started with a love of donuts... and cocktails.

Hot Diggity Donuts is a place to enjoy life and live a little. Indulge in sweet and savory flavors that perfectly compliment a busy morning or a relaxing evening. You don't have to choose between dessert or drinks, at Hot Diggity, the two are perfectly matched. 


Fresh daily and made from scratch, always.


process & ingredients 

At Hot Diggity, it's all about the dough within the donut. We spend nearly two days carefully preparing each batch of sour dough donuts, focusing on the mixing, rising, and fermenting process to get the perfect delicate and airy structure. 

Because we spend so much time perfecting our dough, we want our toppings to compliment and enhance, not drown out the flavor of our donuts. We like strong flavors and focus on high quality over excessive quantity. 

We love sweet, but not too sweet. The perfect mixture of slightly sour and slightly sweet pairs just right with a hot cup of coffee or a freshly shaken cocktail. 

Seasonal foods and flavors are always our muse, and we take advantage of these ripe and fresh ingredients as often as possible. For both our donut flavors and our cocktails, our menu changes seasonally.

Our coffee is carefully chosen and thoughtfully brewed to fit just right next to your sour dough donuts. We proudly serve Blanchard's coffee that is sourced from Central America for it's low acidity, creamy, and comforting flavors.  

& more

Our cocktails are prepared and ingredients sourced with the same thoughtful detail as our donuts and desserts. We love the simplicity of classic recipes and retro-inspired flavors with just the right amount of modern twist. 

Hot Diggity Donuts also carries a rotating selection of beer, cider, kombucha, and wine on tap. See our Instagram and in-house menu for the most up to date list